Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My Vagina Is So Dry... Farewell Joan

While listening to Howard Stern reminisce about his dear friend Joan earlier today, tears came to my eyes as he described her literally bouncing into his studio when he saw her last, which was just this past July. Howard said that every time Joan showed up for an interview they performed a terrific dance together and that he had no idea this July was the last time they would get to dance.  I guess we never know.

Part of why Joan's death has struck such a chord is because she was so vibrant and omnipresent that it felt as though she would always be here. We couldn't help but to take her for granted.

Joan Rivers was the first to say that she never got her due in Showbiz. She had many professional highs and lows and was constantly reinventing herself in order to remain relevant.  Joan made sure she was up-to-date with the Nicki Minajs and the Wiz Khalifas of the world; all the better to roast them.  She seemed to have a boundless energy onstage and worked more than most half her age in Hollywood.  Joan believed that you had to work while you were hot because she knew that you could fizzle out in no time.

Joan hated when anybody said she was an icon who paved the way in the past tense; she was still mopping the floor with the likes of Kathy Griffin and Whitney Cummings thank you very much.  Joan delivered some of the most crass and biting jokes of anyone living today and never once apologized for any of them.

I always tuned in to watch a Joan River's interview, whether she was appearing on Graham Norton, Howard Stern, Alan Carr, etc., because no matter who was asking the questions, Joan was answering.  She made us laugh.  She made us cringe.  She was the grandmother I always wanted after my own passed.

She will be missed.

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