Thursday, September 1, 2011

British X-Factor Auditions- Personality Counts

I was perusing the new British X-Factor Auditions this morning and besides being distracted by the new judging panel (Kelly Rowland?), I came across Janet Devlin, a sixteen year old girl from Northern Ireland. 

At first glance, Janet appears far out of her element on stage.  However, it is this very attitude that wins you over and makes you root for her success before she even begins to sing.

During her first notes of Elton John's Your Song, you're not quite sure if Janet is going to let nerves get the best of her.  As she continues on however, she gets stronger, and you can hear how brilliant and haunting her voice actually is- no frills or runs necessary.  Watch her whole mesmerizing audition here.  If you only want to listen to her singing, it begins at 2:24.

Janet Devlin

In a whole other class, you will find Kitty Brucknell, a twenty-six year old self-proclaimed "Diva Glam Pop" singer who manages to simultaneously scream of desperation and arrogance.  Kitty claims to have a team of producers and choreographers who like to work with her already, and a personal make-up artist who could not be with her for the audition.  In fact, none of Kitty's friends could manage to be there for her audition and as she continues to speak, it is not so surprising. 

Kitty sings Gaga's The Edge of Glory accapella.  Although her voice is not particularly unique and she seems to be reaching for the high notes, Kitty does in fact, sing well.  Her audition begins to go downhill after she has finished her song and interrupts the judge's feedback to show the viewers just how smug she is.  You can actually see the audience turning on her despite their positive feedback during the song.  Just as the judges advise her, Kitty has to remember to stay humble or no one will be rooting for her come the next round.

Kitty Brucknell

Jessica S.


  1. Yes! A Jessica blog! I was just thinking about your blogging potential this morning: as I was reading's take on the new fall TV shows, I found myself thinking. Hmm I wonder what Jess is getting excited about watching?

  2. At last, some intelligent commentary on the tv wasteland.